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All the samples below are licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

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Description Size

pitch shifted vocal fed through a delay.
0:17 (2.87 MB)
high vocal melody with added chorus and pitch shifting. 0:10 (1.63MB)
Simple chord pattern using filtered organ sound from Nord Lead II. 0:06 (1.01MB)
Slowed down vocal feedback delay
0:16 (2.6MB)
processed vocal – pitch shifted and delayed
0:11 (1.9MB)
distorted and delayed dirty analog sound
0:25 (2.7MB)
slippery tuning in this part percussive-part melodic synth line
0:11 (2MB)
metallic beating
0:18 (1.6MB)
moment in a B-grade horror flick
0:22 (1.9MB)
rising high pad
0:19 (1.7MB)
ringing arpeggio
0:16 (1.5MB)
134bpm loop
0:01 (309 KB)
4 bars of simple banging rhythm
0:06 (1.9MB)
dog barking at intruder
0:02 (517KB)
small creatures scuttle over arid land
0:14 (2.6MB)
evolving synth
0:09 (1.6MB)
synth bass line
0:04 (745KB)
bass line with delay
0:04 (745KB)
140 bpm punchy kick pattern
0:01 (296KB)
140bpm loop
0:01 (296KB)
120bpm electro loop
0:03 (388KB)
processed loop
0:06 (1.2MB)
clumsy breakbeat
0:01 (296KB)
off-beat natural kick
0:01 (286KB)
bass arpeggio
0:05 (899KB)
squelchy synth slowly fading
0:06 (1.2MB)
morphing nord oscillation
0:20 (2.6MB)
rotating helicopter blades (?)
0:02 (386KB)
heavy arpeggio
0:06 (1.1MB)

Nord Samples : experiments and improvisation

development in moods 0:23 (4.1MB)
brassy atmospheric sound 0:04 (753KB)
trippy meeting with the Korg Kaoss pad 676KB
surfacing after a deep dive 1.7MB
stormy space settlement – lots of peaks and valleys in this waveform 0:21 (1.8MB)


reverse hit vocal sample 206KB
rim tap pattern 376KB
djembe percussion roll 130KB
sinister laughter from a few over-excited scif-fi fiends 1.0MB


slow this one down in Acid to get a sinister, breathy sound 508KB
antiquated flying device lands 3.5MB
warm bubble sound 40KB
trancey arpeggio 345K
sped up double bass sample 319KB