New Releases

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Youbeme album

Release date: 3 March 2023

'Youbeme' album artwork - Playing a gestural instrument called the Telechord.

‘Intangible Spaces’ single

Release date: 4 October 2022
Intangible Spaces single cover

Provenance Records
Live improvised electronic soundscapes featuring processed vocals, movement-controlled sounds, drums and bass. Gritty and heavy bass frequencies combine with abstract vocal textures and ethereal body-centric synthesis.

Marks of Provenance V compilation album
Marks of Provenance V – Compilation album

CD Releases

From a Star CD
Monkey cover
Art Groupie CD
Waited So Long
What's the Story? CD
Inversion - Clan Analogue
Doppler Shift - Clan Analogue
Exit Album
Infiltrate Systems
Deprogram - Self-titled album