Youbeme rehearsals

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A snippet of our rehearsal for live album recording at interactive event, Youbeme.

Youbeme @ Electrosocial

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Deprogram will be performing and receiving, an electronic musical performance recorded live by the audience and performers with wearable and mobile cameras at Electrosocial on Friday, November 23 at 8:00pm. The work challenges the ‘broadcast yourself’ philosophy of Youtube and Instagram, using smartphones and camera glasses to create a shifting game of perception.

Responding to the promotion of narcissism through social media, the work is about sharing inner perceptions of the world rather than external images of the self. Audience members are equipped with a mobile application to enable them to film the event and share their unique perspective with others. The multiple video streams captured by audience members will be uploaded onto the website, offering multiple viewpoints of the performance. Site visitors will be able to preview the performance from a variety of perspectives, entering into the unique experiences of different event participants.

The performance combines immersive projections, improvised electronic percussion, voice and embodied instrument.

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Deprogram at Vivid 2019

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Our first event for Vivid Sydney #AlterNative gives us a sneak-peek of their immersive creations coming to The Nun on Friday May 24 – open your mind!"The video fills the room, saturated colours, all animated, converse with each other and the audience. Ideas of source, direction, navigation and personality emerge from the flux and disappear as loops evolve. The music, all improvised, reflects and intensifies the moment. Electro and Dirty Techno are modulated to respond to the imagery and themes on view."

Posted by The Flying Nun by Brand X on Monday, May 13, 2019

Featuring a panoramic montage of J D Young’s (DVD2U) saturated video art and free live electronic improvisation by Deprogram and Hoax Trinket.

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Event page

Audio-visual experiments

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Vivid 2019

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We will be returning to Vivid Sydney: Festival of Music Light and Ideas in May 2019 to accompany the visual projections of J D Young, hosted by Brand X, Darlinghurst.

Deprogram @ Vivid

Deprogram at Vivid Sydney. Photo by Rhiannon Hopley at 107 Projects, Redfern


Soma Sonic at Bondi Feast

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Soma Sonic @ Bondi Feast

26 July 2018


Bondi Cultural Pavilion

We look forward to performing next week at Bondi Feast, a 10-day winter festival. Curated by Donna Hewitt, Soma Sonic will host new works by Donna, Alon Ilsar and myself. Improvised visuals and rhythms by J D Young, Meeghan Oliver and Robbie Mudrazija will feature in a new work for gestural instrument, the Etherstring.

Gestural performances

New Line-up

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Meeghan Oliver, bass player from bands such as R K Alley and Hoax Trinket, will be joining Deprogram at our Vivid show – Intangible Instruments – on Friday June 8. Her gritty, multifaceted bass sounds complement Robbie Mudrazija’s electronic percussion to form a solid rhythm section. Together they ground the ethereal and abstract textures of the new instrument we’ve been developing, the Etherstring. The show opens at 8:45pm with a set by Deprogram and is followed by collaborative and solo performances by electronic music composer, vocalist and instrument designer, Donna Hewitt and composer, Julian Knowles.

Here is an excerpt from our rehearsal:


Intangible Instruments

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Donna Hewitt & Mary Mainsbridge

Intangible Instruments, kindly hosted by 107 Projects as part of the larger event In Frequency, showcases our latest developments in gestural instruments and explorations between voice and movement. As well as presenting a new work, Intangible Spaces, I am excited to be working on a collaborative piece with Donna Hewitt. We will combining our gestural systems to process and accompany each other’s voices. The work investigates links between voice, physical gestures and personal empowerment.

More information can be found here:

107 Presents: In Frequency

Intangible Instruments Program info

FB Event page

Tickets can be purchased here.




VIVID 2018

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We are returning to 107 Projects, Redfern, for a night of interactive performance as part of Sydney’s 2018 VIVID Festival of Light, Music and Ideas on Friday, June 8. The event will explore the intersection between movement and the voice, featuring solo and collaborative audiovisual pieces by Deprogram, Donna Hewitt and Julian Knowles. I will post more details as our ideas, interfaces and works develop.

Deprogram @ Electrofringe


EF17 Art+Tech Showcase

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After a long hiatus, we are playing at the 2017 Electrofringe Showcase, presenting some new compositions with the telechord, the polyphonic theremin we’ve been developing and refining over the last 3 years. The show will be on at 107 Projects, Redfern on Saturday, November 4.