Youbeme album out on March 3, 2023

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Youbeme, the fifth Deprogram album, is coming out on March 3, 2023. It is a privilege to partner with experimental and left-field Australian label, Provenance for this release. Blending movement-generated synthscapes with processed vocals, metronomic and uneven polyrhythms, the album captures explorations with custom gestural instruments and mixing systems.

The LP can be downloaded and streamed through Provenance here.

New single out now

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Deprogram’s dark electronic track, Intangible Spaces combines gestural instrument experiments with intricate drum and bass grooves. It’s out now on Provenance, which has a huge week of new releases planned by a range of artists including Sebastian Field, Aphir and Sandy Hsu.

You can stream and buy the single here:

Deprogram 'Intangible Spaces' single

‘Intangible Spaces’ out on October 4

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Intangible Spaces single cover art by J D Young featuring ethereal shapes

Intangible Spaces, the first single from the forthcoming album, is out on Tuesday, October 4 through Provenance, along with a suite of other album, EP and single releases from artists in the collective. Written and mixed by Mary Mainsbridge, the ethereal track combines the embodied sounds of the Telechord, a unique gestural instrument that enables body movements to generate and manipulate sound synthesis, processed vocals, the electronic drums of Robbie Mudrazija and the dark bass rhythms of Meeghan Oliver.

Originally composed for the Vivid Festival and later performed as a solo piece at the Sound and Music Computing Festival in Limassol Cyprus, this semi-improvised version was performed in one take, capturing evolving musical conversations between the three players.

New track on Provenance compilation

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Marks of Provenance compilation

‘Alignment’ is out now on the new Provenance compilation. Provenance is a an artist-run collective and label who will be hosting the next Deprogram album release later this year.

The compilation features vocal and instrumental pieces by Provenance alumni, Sebastian Field, Arrom, Sandy Hsu, Imogen Cygler, Lack the Low, and Aphir, as well as contributions from friends of the collective mookoid, Chrome Twin, romæo and LÂLKA. 

All proceeds from sales of the compilation will be donated to Disability Justice Network Mutual Aid Fund ( to assist with providing material and financial aid to disabled people in Australia.

Data Lies

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Telechord performance projections

We’ll be presenting Data Lies, a new work at the Good Space Festival in spring. Responding to a world that is becoming increasingly data centric, the live interactive piece explores alternatives to the digital surveillance of human movement, online activity, purchasing habits and facial features.

Good Space has been revitalising forgotten urban spaces with grass roots cultural events since a successful first season at the Rocks in 2021.

Magnetic Springs

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Live Deprogram improvisation

Next Performance at Woodburn Creatives

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Please join us for a live streaming performance at art, music, design space, Woodburn Creatives in Redfern on Saturday December 4, 2021. After several postponements due to extended Covid lockdowns, we are pleased to be improvising live again.

2022 Events

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Unfortunately, the Vivid Sydney Festival of Light, Music and Ideas was cancelled in 2021 due to Covid lockdown restrictions. We are planning a new event for 2022 that incorporates spatial audio and reactive visuals and will share details here soon. Luckily the motion sensing technology we use means that people can interact with our works remotely and safely, without touching any shared surfaces. We will keep you posted about upcoming developments.

Until then, we will be performing at Woodburn Creatives Art Music Design Space in early December 2021.

Youbeme rehearsals

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A snippet of our rehearsal for live album recording at interactive event, Youbeme.

Youbeme @ Electrosocial

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Deprogram will be performing and receiving, an electronic musical performance recorded live by the audience and performers with wearable and mobile cameras at Electrosocial on Friday, November 23 at 8:00pm. The work challenges the ‘broadcast yourself’ philosophy of Youtube and Instagram, using smartphones and camera glasses to create a shifting game of perception.

Responding to the promotion of narcissism through social media, the work is about sharing inner perceptions of the world rather than external images of the self. Audience members are equipped with a mobile application to enable them to film the event and share their unique perspective with others. The multiple video streams captured by audience members will be uploaded onto the website, offering multiple viewpoints of the performance. Site visitors will be able to preview the performance from a variety of perspectives, entering into the unique experiences of different event participants.

The performance combines immersive projections, improvised electronic percussion, voice and embodied instrument.

Get free tickets at:…