Video excerpt from Bodyscapes

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I’m in the process of editing videos of the Bodyscapes Sydney Fringe Festival season. Here is the latest video, where I play a customised gestural instrument, the Telechord with Robbie Mudrazija on electronic drums.


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Bodyscapes @ Sydney Fringe FestivalRobbie-BodyscapesBodyscapes - PACT

Bodyscapes at PACT Theatre – 26/9/14. Photos: Melanie Russell, Unicorn Studios Photography

Thanks to all who came along to the PACT shows. I am on web hiatus for a while as I concentrate on thesis writing and contemplate future performance projects and collaborations. See you on New Years’ Eve at New Psycle.

Beams arts festival

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We had a fun and frantic time at the Beams Festival. It was a challenging but exciting environment to perform in. Thanks to the organisers, CCS Studios UTS for the loan of the projector and Cino for providing the PA. I’ll be posting some videos of people interacting with the installation soon, but for now we’re preparing for Bodyscapes at the PACT Theatre this Friday and Saturday nights – 26 & 27 September.


Deprogram performance at the Beams arts Festival

Deprogram performance at the Beams arts Festival

Beams Festival

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Watch us transform this wall in inner city Sydney – located in Wellington St, Chippendale, as part of the Beams laneways festival on Saturday September 20th:

Beams Festival location

Bodyscapes – Sydney Fringe Festival season

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Bodyscapes flyer Bodyscapes - Sydney Fringe

PACT blog interview

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To find out more about our upcoming Bodyscapes show at PACT, check out this interview on the PACT blog:


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Here is a sneak preview of some of the imagery J D Young is creating for the audiovisual Bodyscapes performances at PACT on September 26 and 27. These visuals will be displayed alongside the custom interactive projections we’re designing for a new gestural instrument, the Telechord.

J D Young video art J D Young video art


For more information about the shows please visit:

Bodyscapes – New interactive work at the Sydney Fringe Festival

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The music is written. Rehearsals start soon. Looking forward to performing this new work at the PACT Theatre on September 26 and 27.



Beams arts festival – Just announced

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We will be performing and presenting an installation in Chippendale’s Beams laneway festival on one magical night – Saturday the 20th of September. It’s been a while since our last street party in Coogee many years ago, so we’re really looking forward to this one. The public art installation and performance, Vendôme, invites the flâneurs of Chippendale’s laneways to play an audiovisual instrument, explore their own movement potential. In line with the festival’s utopian theme, the work pursues the utopian ideal of finding perfection in patterns of human movement.

Vivid 2014

VIVID – Video art by J D Young

Gestate system

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NIME 2014 poster session

It was lots of fun demoing the Gestate system we developed for performance at the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) 2014 conference poster session today. Thanks for the insightful feedback! Definitely plenty of food for thought. Here is a demo I promised.

Gestate mixer application

Demo video